What happens when you get nine of Nashville’s best songwriters together for three days on a 1,400 acre retreat in the middle of the country in Franklin, Tennessee? …Magic!  … And 15 great songs!

Last weekend, SNG Music Publishing hosted a songwriter retreat with the focus being to write songs for their artist/songwriter Abbey Cone, who is working on new music.

Writers who attended the retreat were an even mix from SNG’s roster, along with some of Nashville’s well-known publishing companies, independents, and a few Canadians thrown in just to spice things up. The primary strategy for the weekend was to combine writers spanning a wide range of ages (18-61) and experience, from varying genres of country music.

Abbey worked each day with four teams of two writers spread across four different locations of the 8,000 sq. foot Buddha House mansion. The days were long, but the hard work felt more like fun in such a beautiful and relaxed setting.

Each day the group shared breakfast, lunch and dinner and were free to wander the estate in the mornings and afternoons. At night after dinner, they gathered in the expansive living room and listened to the day’s songs.

SNG writers Abbey Cone, Steve Leslie, Gary Reamey, Marty Dodson, and Zarni De Vette were joined by other hit tunesmiths Abram Dean, Chrystal Leigh, Daniel Ross, Jimmy Thow, and Mark Oakley.

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