The debut single from Owens’ forthcoming album Soul Of Ferguson to be
available for purchase via 
digital music retailers on January 6, 2017

Pre-Orders on iTunes available beginning December 16, 2016

NASHVILLE, TENN. (December 12, 2016) – In advance of his upcoming new album Soul Of Ferguson, show-stopping entertainer Brian Owens will release his new single “For You,” featuring five-time Grammy winner Michael McDonald and Owens’ band, The Deacons of Soul.

Written and produced by Owens, “For You” will be released worldwide January 6, 2017 as a joint venture between Ada Cole Records and The Purpose Music Group. “For You” will be distributed via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora and all other digital music retail outlets.

Owens’ and McDonald’s soulful voices blend effortlessly and seamlessly on “For You,” a rousing celebration of love, both human and divine. The infectious rhythm and uplifting message of the song first attracted McDonald’s interest last year, when the two friends were on tour together.

As Owens recalls, “He came up to me after soundcheck and said, ‘Is that an old Motown song?’ I was like, ‘No, actually I wrote it.’ He said, “I really like that tune.” And I was like, ‘Shoot, yeah!'”

Owens continues, “It took the song to a whole other level. For me, it’s not just a song anymore. It’s what our friendship represents. It’s about what’s possible. It’s about what’s needed, not only racially but inter-generationally. I couldn’t survive without people in my life in my life like Michael, who are further along than I am and who are willing to invest their success in me. That’s the highest compliment you can be paid.”

“Brian Owens is one of the newly emerging talents whose artistry will no doubt capture the imagination of an ever-widening audience,” says McDonald. “I feel extremely privileged to have crossed paths with him so early in what I believe will be a very successful music career.”

Like McDonald a native of Ferguson, Missouri, Owens has built what he calls his “modern soul sound” on a foundation of Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Otis Redding, Nat “King” Cole, The Temptations and other classic artists. He first won national attention as the lead singer with the Air National Guard band Sidewinder, whose video drew more than 2.5 million visitors on YouTube and led to appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowEntertainment Tonight and other national media.

In addition to his busy schedule as an artist, Owens has launched and continues to lead multiple charities throughout the St. Louis area, including the Sterling Bank for L.I.F.E. Community Partnership and the Saint Louis Symphony In Unison programs to facilitate arts education and leadership for local youth.

“I just want to make music with intent, art that inspires positive change,” he states. “I just want to say the most uplifting things in an entertainment vehicle.”

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