SOUL OF FERGUSON is set for release on February 24, 2017

NASHVILLE, TENN (January 30, 2017) — Hailed for his electrifying “American soul sound,” Brian Owens celebrates love and life in all their permutations on his new album SOUL OF FERGUSON, set for release Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. Owens’ latest project is a joint effort between his own indie label Ada Cole Records and The Purpose Music Group and will be distributed worldwide at all digital music outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play and Rhapsody.

With a musical embrace that encompasses multiple styles that include classic Motown, the exhilaration of gospel and unstoppable dance grooves, SOUL OF FERGUSON captures Owens’s powerful songwriting and performance chops, along with his inspiring outlook on the challenges and joys of our world.

“This album kind of led me into what it was,” says the Ferguson, Missouri-based singer, songwriter and producer.”It ended up coming together like an old-school LP, with a Side A and a Side B.

“Side A represents love songs, whether it be for God and humanity in ‘For You’ or for my wife in ‘Pretty Fine Thing’ and ‘She’s Mine.’ Side B is what I call life songs, about how love is translated into other areas of life. That’s where we get to ‘Beautiful Day,’ which has my kids on it, ‘When a Grown Man Cries,’ and ‘Prayer for My Children.’

“I wrote ‘Prayer’ after that tragic moment that happened in my hometown in 2014,” Owens continues. “I was thinking about how I’m raising my kids at a time when things like this are happening. If anything happens to me, I want them to know exactly how I feel about God and exactly how I feel about their mother. That song is very specific about these things: Color and country don’t define who you are. God’s love is the only thing that sets each one of us apart but binds us together. The last track, ‘Benediction,’ is not so much a conclusion as a new beginning.”

“Also,” he adds, “I wanted this album to feel like a live show, like you’re experiencing it with us right there in the moment.”

That mission is accomplished with help from the exuberant musicianship of his band, The Deacons of Soul (Shaun Robinson, Alvin Quinn, Rob Woodie), and a sensational guest shot by five-time Grammy-winning vocalist Michael McDonald on the album’s first single, “For You.”

Owens first gained worldwide attention as lead singer with the U.S. Air Force band Sidewinder that became an internet sensation and led to national appearances on Entertainment Tonight and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, at the White House, the World Series and other major outlets.

He continues to work with various charities throughout the St. Louis area, including the Sterling Bank for L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Innovation, Faith and Excellence) Community Partnership and the Saint Louis Symphony In Unison programs to facilitate arts education and leadership for local youth. Owens is also touring from coast to coast in support of his latest project.

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Track Listing

So High
Lyrics by Brian Owens & Jarrett Johnson
Music by Brian Owens, Lee Carroll, Willie Eames

For You (featuring Michael McDonald)
Lyrics by Brian Owens
Music by Brian Owens & Tony Esterly

Pretty Fine Thing
Lyrics by Brian Owens & Jarrett Johnson
Music by Brian Owens

She’s Mine (Part 1 & 2)
Lyrics & Music by Brian Owens

Beautiful Day
Lyrics by Brian Owens & Ray Smith
Music by Brian Owens, Lee Carroll, Willie Eames

Prayer for My Children
Lyrics & Music by Brian Owens

When A Grown Man Cries
Lyrics by Brian Owens & Raheem Burks
Music by Brian Owens

Music by The Deacons of Soul (Alvin Quinn, Shaun Robinson, Rob Woodie)

For You (Reprise)