Limited Vinyl Pressings Available Exclusively from Soul Step Records on Sept. 30, 2019


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 19, 2019) — Celebrated soul singer, songwriter and producer Brian Owens is proud to announce that SOUL OF FERGUSON will now be available on vinyl exclusively through Soul Step Records (#SSR-054).

Originally released in 2017 to digital music retailers, SOUL OF FERGUSON will be available to Soul Step Subscribers on Sept. 28th prior to its official worldwide release Monday, Sept. 30th. There will be a limited 100 variant of the vinyl on Bumblebee Yellow and Black vinyl, with the remaining run on Black vinyl.

Featuring Owens and the exuberant musicianship of The Deacons of Soul (Shaun Robinson, Alvin Quinn, Rob Woodie), SOUL OF FERGUSON is jam-packed with Owens’ unique vintage St. Louis soul with a Motown touch.  Among the eight original tunes included on the album is “For You,” a duet Owens recorded with five-time Grammy winning vocalist, Michael McDonald. The song made its world-premiere on

“When we originally recorded SOUL OF FERGUSON, the album came together like an old-school LP with a Side A and Side B,” says Owens. “Side A represented love songs — whether it be for God and humanity on “For You” or for my wife in “Pretty Fine Thing.” Side B was what I call life songs, about how love translates into other areas of our lives, like “Beautiful Day,” “When A Grown Man Cries” and “Prayer For My Children.” For this album to be released on vinyl is really how I had envisioned it all along.”

“Soul music is something that is hard to define, but it’s instantly recognizable when you hear it,” adds Soul Step’s owner, Melvin Dillon. “All it takes to hear the soul on this record is to drop the needle on the vinyl and hear the charging rhythm section and driving horns, with Owens’ magnetic voice front and center.”

One of the biggest vinyl releases ever on Soul Step Records was Owens’ landmark, SOUL OF CASH album. Needing multiple represses to keep up with the demand, it only made sense that Soul Step’s latest offering would be Owens’ SOUL OF FERGUSON.

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